About Us

"Our mission is to help you achieve a positive experience with cannabis and CBD."

We believe cannabis and hemp has so many medicinal benefits – benefits we’ve witnessed first hand – but the stigma around this plant is keeping people from learning about it’s true therapeutic results. Our goal is to share our wealth of knowledge and information with the masses and help as many people as we can have a positive experience learning to use cannabis and hemp as medicine!

Meet Millennial420

Millennial420 is a veteran-owned health and wellness company dedicated to providing up-to-date educational information about hemp, CBD and cannabis-related products. We work with customers and clients to help them learn everything about using cannabis as medicine. We also offer specialized merchandise as well as exclusive discounts for CBD and cannabis-related products.

Millennial420 Team Members


Co-Founder, Connoisseur & Cannabis Coach

Mitch has extensive knowledge and experience with cannabis and CBD, plus a background in cultivating, cooking with and obviously, consuming cannabis.

He is a US Army Veteran, who became interested in emergency medicine after completing the Combat Lifesaver Training Program. From there, he became a paramedic for 22 years, with the last 17 years being a Professional Firefighter in one of the busiest departments in the nation. 

In 2008, he was diagnosed with Tuberculosis, where he was put on multiple heavy doses of anti-viral medications for the better part of a year. Unfortunately, these pharmaceuticals are known to cause drug-induced liver injuries (severe liver damage) and can make some people sick with side effects including nausea, body pain, loss of appetite and insomnia. It was at this time Mitch turned to medical cannabis for help. He was able to use the benefits of cannabis combined with his medical experience to improve his quality of life. 

Recently, he found out he has permanent liver damage (about 50% remaining) due to taking those anti-viral medications over a decade ago. He is now choosing to focus on his health and wellness including using cannabis and CBD as medicine, forgoing the use any pharmaceuticals including a single Tylenol because some medications can be very harmful on the liver. Over the past few years of using cannabis as medicine, he has witnessed first-hand improvement in every area of his life.

Mitch completed his Master of Cannabis Certification from Cannabis Training University in 2023. 


Co-Founder, Social Media Manager & Back Office Personnel

C-Tina is a CBD advocate, plant-based foodie, soon-to-be yoga instructor and the woman behind the screen. She has her Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management and Minor in Professional Writing as well two additional Associate’s Degrees in Business and Science.

She was born with a complicated GERD (acid reflux disease) and had to undergo a rare boerema gastroplexy at a very young age. She also has struggled with endometriosis (horrific periods) for 15+ years. After a decade of various medications, doctor appointments, ER visits and numerous surgeries with no relief, she decided to go plant-based and add multiple forms of CBD into her daily lifestyle including topicals, tinctures and capsules as well as suppositories. She has seen a drastic improvement in her health including more manageable periods with less pain, better sleep, reduced headaches, minimal nausea, less anxiety and more energy. 

C-Tina is no longer taking any pharmaceuticals and feels better than she has in years. On her path of health and wellness, she began learning about other healthy ways of living including the benefits of moving her body daily with yoga and walking, exploring personal development, finding ways to reduce stress and discovering joy in her everyday life.