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Foria Wellness Launches NEW ‘Cramps Be Gone’ Kit

Ladies…take notice! Foria Wellness just launched their NEW ‘Cramps Be Gone’ Kit – the first of it’s kind on the market curated to support comfort-related concerns during one’s menstrual cycle. 

Despite making up more than half of the human population, cycle-related symptoms continue to adversely affect up to 90% of women and menstruators, with very little innovation over the past few decades. Foria’s plant-based alternative period ritual targets period and PMS symptoms before they start.

The Cramps Be Gone Kit contains everything you need to relieve period discomfort, naturally. Their clean Relief formulas support every part of your menstrual cycle—from cramps to lower back discomfort to PMS moodiness. The kit includes travel sizes of Foria’s three most beloved products – all of which include broad-spectrum CBD extract from USDA organic-certified regeneratively grown hemp, which has been historically used for menstrual comfort for thousands of years. 

The Cramps Be Gone Kit includes:

INTERNAL COMFORTRelief Melts with CBD (2 suppositories): Insert at the onset of cramps (or before, if possible); the melts deliver targeted relief directly to the source 

BELLY AND BACK COMFORTRelief Salve with CBD & Kava (10ml): Apply topically wherever you feel PMS aches or luteal phase soreness

WHOLE BODY SUPPORTWellness Tonic with CBD & Mint (10ml): Take a dose orally in the two weeks before your period and during your period to address PMS, foster balance and soothe cramps

Using the three products together will amplify their power in aiding and supporting premenstrual and menstrual phase discomfort, including easing tension and fatigue, providing relief to cramps and aches, and balancing mood. Each Cramps Be Gone Kit includes just the right amount of product to provide support through a woman’s cycle and can also be ordered via a monthly subscription.

“While the period-care industry has made impressive headway in menstrual hygiene products, there has been very little innovation regarding period comfort and how to effectively address PMS. Foria’s goal in launching the Cramps Be Gone Kit is to reframe periods as a beautiful and natural experience and offer a holistic and ritualistic approach to supporting one’s entire body throughout the menstrual cycle,” says Foria’s Chief Education Officer, Kiana Reeves. “We hope to empower people who menstruate to proactively address any symptoms before they start, resulting in a more comfortable experience on every day of their month.”

Now through September 1, 2023, you can save 20% off Foria’s Cramps Be Gone Kit with coupon code: CRAMPSBEGONE

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