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Want to Join a Sleep Study?

The Cannigma is conducting a series of consumer experience surveys on cannabis products and participant recruitment for the SLEEP segment is now open!😴  

Here’s how it works:

• Sign up and pass screening

• Receive a (free) 3-week supply of cannabis/CBD products

• Spend 1 minute/day answering questions on your sleep experience

• Get insights into consumption patterns and empower the cannabis community with solid data  

Cannigma is partnering with leading cannabis and CBD brands, who will provide their products🌱 for free and with data and software company MoreBetter, creators of the Releaf App, who will guide participants through a 4 week engagement. And on your end, all you need to do is try the product and answer a few quick questions sent via text every day. 📱  

Interested? 💥 SIGN UP TODAY 💁‍♀️   

**They will have more product research studies on anxiety, appetite, sex and pain. Let us know which studies you would be interested in.

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